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Milo Pilski

Mountain biker – XC & XCM racer


I’m trying to eat natural and healthy food as much as possible. I was thrilled with B!TE ME bars because they are just that. They are organic, healthy and natural without bad sugars, and at the same time, they significantly raise energy. And the mood as well! 🙂 Besides, it has a great name and looks fantastic! I use B!TE ME bars during my Mtb marathon races, as well as during longer cycling training sessions, but also whenever I feel the need for sweets or extra energy!

Milo’s favorite bar: Salty Brunch

Mia Radotić

From the first call and visit to the BITE ME office in Zicer, I was fascinated by the energy of the team that stood behind everything. We clicked and talked as if we had known each other for years. And then there was the tasting of the product. I have to admit I was skeptical at first because I tried plenty of raw bars and they were all dry, hard for me to chew and digest. So I was delighted with the flavors, ingredients, and the way it affects digestion. In short, it’s not hard to love everything related to BITE ME.

Bojan Grbić

Since I pay attention to the nutritional quality of everyday foods, BITE ME bars fit perfectly into my daily routine. They are the first bars that didn’t cause me any stomach problems during workouts and races and that’s why they’re always by my side. The high quality of fruits, nuts and other natural foods make this bar ideal for anyone who cares about their daily diet.

Kristina Dudek

I started doing athletics 18 years ago. Although my first love was tennis and I was crazy about it, I started because of my dad who persuaded me to try. It didn’t take long before athletics became my first choice. I try to eat as much variety and healthy as possible, and I adjust my diet to the training and training period. Carbs give me the most energy for training, but if I don’t have time for a proper meal, I always have BITE ME bars with me!

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